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According to a survey, these are the income requirements in Arkansas for being considered middle class



Fayetteville, Arkansas – A recent GOBankingRates analysis found that in order for Arkansans to be classified as middle-class, their income must have increased by around 40% since roughly ten years ago.

The 2022 American Community Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau was used in the study to calculate the minimum salary required in each of the 50 states to be classified as middle class.

According to the personal finance website, “those with an annual household income that is two-thirds to double the median income” are considered middle class.

The income range for middle-class households in Arkansas is $37,557 to $112,670, which is 38.99% more than it was ten years ago when it was between $27,021 and $81,062.

With a 53.2% rise in income, Oregon has had the most gain required to be classified as middle-class. Idaho, Washington, Colorado, and California completed the top five.

At 23.5%, Alaska experienced the lowest 10-year growth; Wyoming, Louisiana, Connecticut, and New Mexico witnessed higher increases.

The range of household income that makes Arkansans middle class, according to a previous SmartAsset survey, is anywhere from $36,951 and $110,864.

Go to the GOBankingRates website to view the complete report.



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