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According to AAA, gas costs in Arkansas are currently the second lowest in the US as summer approaches



Little Rock, Arkansas – One report claims that while numbers at the pump are declining, temperatures are rising.

According to AAA authorities, gas prices in Arkansas are currently averaging $3 per gallon as of this Thursday. That is an 11-cent decrease from this time last year and a 6-cent decrease from last week’s price.

The Little Rock – North Little Rock metro area has the lowest average price in central Arkansas, at $2.97. Hot Springs has an average price of $2.98, one cent more. At $3.07, Pine Bluff is the highest in the middle of the state.

At $2.84 per gallon, Greene County in the northeast of the state has the lowest average price, closely followed by Van Buren County in north-central Arkansas, at $2.85. Lafayette County, which borders the state to the south, has the highest average in the state, coming in at $3.30 a gallon.

Analysts stated the decline in prices is due to falling crude oil prices. West Texas Intermediate dropped from $79 at the end of May to $73 a barrel today.

AAA spokesperson Nick Chabarria stated, “Arkansas drivers are seeing year-over-year savings at the pump, good news for those planning summer road trips.” “If crude keeps declining, drivers may notice a decrease in gas prices right before the busiest summer driving season begins.”

Arkansas now has the second-lowest average gas price in the nation, according to the AAA price survey.





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