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Kansas City Chiefs player BJ Thompson’s English high school instructors and coaches are hoping for a quick recovery following his heart attack



England, Arkansas – BJ Thompson, a defensive end with the Kansas City Chiefs and native of Arkansas, is making progress after suffering a heart attack.

The Kansas City Chiefs say that Thompson is awake, aware, and moving in the right direction.
The English, Arkansas, 25-year-old went into cardiac arrest and had convulsions on Thursday before practice.

Rick Burkholder, vice president of sports medicine and performance for the Kansas City Chiefs, said that Thompson was ventilated on Thursday and slept on it to help with his breathing. The ventilator has since been taken out.

“He’s so young and at the peak of his life, living his life, and in great shape. It’s just a scary situation,” Thompson’s coach at England High School football Matt Garrett said.

Thompson holds a special place in his heart for England, and since learning of the tragedy, many who know him have prayed for him.

“My heart just dropped because it’s just such a scary situation,” Garrett said.

Garrett claimed that as soon as he heard the news, he began to pray. Given that Thompson is only 25 years old, Garrett’s view on life is altered.

“Now you sit back and think about what you can do better to take care of your body,” he said.

During their summer break, a number of former England School District coaches and educators shared messages in memory of BJ Thompson.

“I know all of the England Community has been and will continue Praying for BJ,” former teacher Brittney Robinson said. “I’ve been Praying for him and his family, friends, teammates and doctors since I heard the news! BJ has always been strong and a fighter, he was a Lion first after all! Therefore, I know he will pull through this and get back to his team as soon as possible!”

Brett Mount, Thompson’s former high school football coach, expressed joy in his former player and offered prayers for him during his recuperation.

“Watching BJ interact with our kids at both the elementary and high school campuses–the patience and kindness he’s showed them, the way their eyes have lit up when he’s smiled and joked with them–I can’t help but be so proud of him and the adversity he’s overcome,” he said. “And I hope and I pray that he overcomes this, as well. My heart goes out to him and his family.”

Chris Houser, Thompson’s former high school basketball coach, sent prayers and expressed gratitude for having coached BJ.

“Honored to have coached BJ for his junior and senior years at England,” Houser said. “We’re praying and believing for his quick recovery with no complications and know that he will back out on the field soon. “

Josh Anderson, the head coach of England football now in place, sent prayers for Thompson and his family.

“On behalf of England Lions Athletics, we are praying for BJ & his family! We know his personality and his determination to overcome any obstacle that comes his way,” Anderson said. “We pray for this to be a minor setback for a major comeback.”

All the people who discussed Thompson claimed he was a good child from the beginning.

“Super proud of him. Couldn’t be prouder,” Garrett said.

They’re all hoping for a quick recovery for BJ and to see him back on the field soon.





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