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Little Rock is planning to vote on a sales tax proposal later this year



Little Rock, Arkansas – A new one-cent sales tax is being proposed by the city of Little Rock, and it will be put to a vote in November.

The sales tax would bring in $650 million over the following ten years if it were passed.

“Well the City of Little Rock, we are embarking upon a sales tax proposal for one penny, to focus on Quality of Life and place initiatives,” said Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr.

The goal of this idea is to help the city grow and change by emphasizing historical improvements.

“We firmly believe that this infusion of dollars will help improve overall quality of life and place of the City of Little Rock, the Arkansas state capitol city, as we focus on, continue to unit, grow and transform our city together,” said Mayor Scott.

Focusing on the city’s public safety, public infrastructure, parks and recreation, and the port and economic development.

“Essentially, we’re asking for a penny for the first 10 years, which will take us from 8.625% to 9.625%,” said Mayor Scott. “And then after the first 10 years, ⅝ of that penny will fall off.”

The sales tax would also contribute $100 million to public safety.

“So for instance, we plan to spend funding dollars for public safety as it relates to public safety vehicles and apparatus for our fire and police,” said Mayor Scott. “We also include in there dollars for our real time crime center, to continue to get smarter on crime, as well as dollars associated with our community-oriented policing and mental health response teams.”

Mayor Scott supported a one-percent-point sales tax increase, but it was defeated by Little Rock voters back in 2021. With over 60% of voters opposing it, this sales tax—also known as “Rebuild the Rock”—was widely opposed.

If voters accept this one-cent sales tax proposal and the board of directors approves it, it will go into effect in November.









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