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Nearly 1,000 teddy bears are dropped off by Central Arkansas motorcycle riders to support kids dealing with trauma and domestic abuse



Little Rock, Arkansas – On their way through Little Rock, a group of motorcycle riders stopped to donate teddy bears to youngsters who were victims of domestic abuse or other tragic events.

Nearly 1,000 plush animals were dropped off at the regional detention facility on Saturday during the Central Arkansas Ladies of Harley’s annual Teddy Bear Run, according to representatives with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.

Photographer Kathy Rice of the Central Arkansas Harley Owners Association described how the contributions could support a young person going through a trying time.

“Teddy bears always seem to sooth a child’s grief or sadness. I know I still have teddy bears from my high school days, but teddy bears just have a sense of relief to give a child in a stressful situation,” Rice said.

The group is celebrating its 24th Teddy Bear Run this year.

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