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Residents of Pine Bluff want change after three days of homicides in the city



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Pine Bluff police have been responding to killings every day since the beginning of the week.

“It breaks my heart that the family must endure it,” Stevie Turner, a resident of Pine Bluff, remarked. “The city has to go through it.”

Stevie Turner is employed at a Pine Bluff neighborhood barbershop. He was aware of the killings taking place in the city, and he even knew a few of the victims.

“Seeing a few pictures after one of the homicides, I was like, ‘Wow, I know these people, I’ve seen them before,'” Stevie Turner said.

There has been a homicide every day for the past three days.

Four persons were shot at Saracen Landing on Sunday. Among them, one passed away. Corey Berrien, a 20-year-old, was that individual.

Officers were then called to a woman who had been shot in a car near the Cherry Street Liquor Store early on Monday morning. Witnesses stated that her husband, Gregory Christopher Sr., shot the woman, subsequently identified as 44-year-old Mary Christopher. Gregory Christopher Sr. was later discovered dead in his car, and Pine Bluff police believe this to be a murder-suicide.

Zedella Samuels, 50, was discovered dead on Tuesday morning by Pine Bluff police near West 33rd Avenue and South Hazel Street. They are looking into her death as a homicide because they think she was struck by a car overnight.

“It’s troubling to me when I see all of the work we do to try to reduce these things, but we don’t see a swelling of people joining with us saying what can we do to help,” Rev. Jesse Turner said.

Pastors like Jesse Turner placed the crosses in order to honor the victims, including 16-year-old Kendall Burton, and to draw attention to the horrific crime.

They are making an effort to lessen gun violence in the community, particularly among youth.

“We’ve been into the schools,” Jesse Turner said. “We’ve seen violence reduced by 33% among students, and that’s within one year.”

They claimed that including the public, local authorities, and law enforcement in improving efforts to create a crime-free environment is a key component of their success.

“You got to have people on the ground, communicating with one another and showing the effort to let people know we are not going to have the violence in the community,” Pine Bluff pastor James Hill Jr. said.

When we contacted Pine Bluff police to get additional details about the killings, they said they didn’t think any of them were connected. As of right now, no suspicious information exists.

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