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The quiz bowl team from Russellville High School wins a national championship



Russellville, Arkansas – Six Russellville high school students’ impressive academic performance on Sunday put the institution on the map around the country.

In a competition held on Sunday afternoon, the six members of the school’s Quiz Bowl team emerged victorious in the national championship. After competing against teams from Little Rock Central, Texas, Pennsylvania, and an overseas team from Dubai in the elimination stages, school officials announced that the team had won 6-0 and that it was their first-ever national victory.

The six players that make up the Russellville Quiz Bowl Cyclones are Alyx Dunaway, Ian Warnick, Gidian Fuller, Matthew Fox, and Will Stump.

Following a victory at the May regional tournament in New Orleans, the team advanced to the championship game. Russellville has more outstanding performances outside their national championship. The pupils Hayden Daniel, Claryn Nupp, Crawford Rash, Sarah Shoptaw, Zion McArthur, Avery Feemster, and Noah Wooten were on the second school team that advanced to the quarterfinals.

Officials from Quiz Bowl explained that questions pertaining to general knowledge—history, literature, science, fine arts, current affairs, popular culture, sports, and more—are used to choose the winner. Players read the questions and buzz in if they believe they know the answer.

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