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Winter storm to produce significant accumulations of snow in some parts of the country, causing serious problems in some states including Washington DC



The heavy snowstorm, which started in America on Sunday, left about half a million people without electricity in the southeast of the country, is now moving to the east coast, while Washington and federal services are slowly closing due to the disaster, according to “Forbes”.

The US National Weather Service has issued a warning and predicts 20 to 30 centimeters of snow in some areas.

Snow is expected in Baltimore, Philadelphia, parts of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia.

The State Office of Human Resources announced late last night that the federal services in the capital will be closed today, and workers who do not work in the emergency services will be allowed not to come to work, but not the workers employed in the emergency services.

Several school districts in Maryland and Virginia have been closed due to the snowstorm, and public schools in Washington today and tomorrow will be closed as part of the big test for Covid-19, so the opening is expected on Thursday.