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About us

We have been on the market since 2015. During the years, we grew into one of the biggest local news licensing companies and all-in-one digital solutions.

The Local News

We are visionaries. Yes, we really are! Our story started back in 2015 as a pocket size team of enthusiasts who were tired of the status quo journalism. The idea of opening our first local online news magazine was born as a result of the lack of local news in our neighborhood. We were exhausted of the ordinary TV news, all reporting the same. We needed new, fresh, unbiased and curated valuable information that represent the everyday life in our neighborhood. We launched our first local news site in September 2015. To date, we own and operate 30+ local news sites across the country. And the number is growing…

Digital solutions

During the years we acknowledged the global growing need of online presence of every business. We have a growing team of experts that specializes in web development and digital marketing.  We’ve helped many businesses in different industries, from creating web and mobile solutions, to attracting new customers, up to making them fully recognized brands with loyal audience ready to act as their ambassadors.