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These are the 5 most dangerous cities in Oklahoma



In Oklahoma, the discussion around urban safety and crime rates is an ongoing and evolving conversation. While it’s important to note that crime rates are subject to change and can vary widely within different neighborhoods, certain cities in Oklahoma have historically been associated with higher crime rates. This overview aims to shed light on these cities, though for the most accurate and current information, consulting the latest crime statistics is recommended.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, as the capital and the largest city in Oklahoma, faces the challenges typical of large urban areas. Certain neighborhoods in Oklahoma City have historically experienced higher crime rates, reflecting the diverse and complex nature of urban safety.


Tulsa, another major urban center in Oklahoma, has its share of neighborhoods with heightened crime rates. As with any large city, these rates can fluctuate, and certain areas are known to be safer than others.


Located in southwestern Oklahoma, Lawton has encountered crime-related challenges in the past. The city’s efforts to address these issues are an important part of its ongoing development and community safety strategies.


Muskogee, situated in eastern Oklahoma, has been highlighted in discussions regarding crime. The city’s struggle with crime underscores the varied safety landscapes that exist across Oklahoma.


Ardmore, in the southern part of the state, has also been a topic of conversation when discussing crime in Oklahoma. As with other cities on this list, Ardmore’s crime rates vary within its neighborhoods.

It’s crucial to remember that while these cities have faced their share of challenges, they also boast neighborhoods that are safe and vibrant. Crime rates are not uniform across a city, and they can change over time. To get a more accurate picture of the current situation, researching specific neighborhoods and consulting up-to-date crime statistics is essential. Local law enforcement agencies and city government websites are reliable resources for obtaining the latest crime data. This approach ensures a balanced and informed perspective on safety in Oklahoma’s urban areas.

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