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Arkansas high school rodeo competitors assist exceptional children



Benton, Arkansas – Every rodeo competitor takes hold of a rope, dons spurs, leaps into the saddle, and rides with bravery, conviction, and confidence.

A gang of cowboys and cowgirls went over the line on Friday night.

It was modified for them, the Exceptional Kids Rodeo in Benton. These young people accepted the challenge of learning how to rope, ride, and even run barrels, putting themselves in the shoes of cowboys and cowgirls.

led by young rodeo competitors from the Junior High Rodeo Association and Arkansas High School. It’s up for dispute who got more out of the amazing kids’ rodeo!

“They touch a place in my heart that is very soft. I love the fact they get to come, and we get to work with them and let them experience stuff they don’t always experience,” Remi Kay Harper, Arkansas High School rodeo queen stated. “I know that at times they can be limited on what they can do but here there is no limit.”

All of the youngsters left with a little more confidence after it was all over, assuming the roles of cowboy and cowgirl.

The junior high and high school rodeo association will put on two days of rodeo action at the Saline County Fairgrounds starting on Saturday at 10 a.m.

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