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Kelley Alvarez


Kelley is a Little Rock based publisher providing news and analysis on select topics for MDMH Pine Bluff. She has been part of MDMH Pine Bluff since the very beginning.

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Local News1 day ago

Annual Farm Day is held by A-State

Jonesboro, Arkansas – An annual tradition continued at Arkansas State University, beginning in 2007. On campus, the College of Agriculture...

Local News1 day ago

St. Bernards focuses on the health of children

Jonesboro, Arkansas – A hospital is attempting to improve the health of kids in Northeastern Arkansas. On Saturday, St. Bernards...

Local News1 day ago

The Hobbs State Park can teach you how to be a forest detective

Little Rock, Arkansas – Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area will provide a free Forest Forensics session at the visitor center on...

Local News3 days ago

Re-arrested Hot Spring County Sheriff faces additional felony and misdemeanor charges

Little Rock, Arkansas – Following an Arkansas State Police investigation, Hot Spring County Sheriff Derek Scott Finkbeiner was placed under...

Local News3 days ago

How rice growers have been impacted by the rain

Jonesboro, Arkansas – A few farmers have already treated their crops with specific pesticides and planted the seed. Rain or...

Local News3 days ago

Businesses in the area respond to the opening of a new Amazon warehouse in Jonesboro

Jonesboro, Arkansas – While one company does not sell any products on Amazon, another gets all of its revenue from...

Local News5 days ago

Reports of bee swarms surging: what to do if you find one

Little Rock, Arkansas – The University of Arkansas Agriculture Cooperative’s experts reported that they have already received calls from people...

Local News5 days ago

Where to give your eclipse glasses to be recycled

Little Rock, Arkansas – Following the conclusion of the eclipse, many people are left wondering what they ought to do...

Local News5 days ago

ARDOT will begin construction of the XNA Connector and Springdale Bypass

Little Rock, Arkansas – Next Wednesday, April 17, is scheduled to be the groundbreaking ceremony for the Arkansas Department of...

Local News1 week ago

Things to be aware of when the Arkansas Legislature meets to discuss problems such as the budget

Little Rock, Arkansas – Arkansas legislators are meeting in the Capitol, and the governor’s $6.3 billion proposed budget for the...