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Attorney General filing grievances with Public Service Commission against Summit Utilities



Little Rock, Arkansas – Tim Griffin, the attorney general of Arkansas, stated on Thursday that the Public Service Commission of the state is now accepting complaints regarding Summit Utilities.

Griffin announced at a news conference that his office has received more than 2,800 consumer complaints since January. The size of the bills was the subject of the complaints.

When Summit took over CenterPoint Energy’s gas utility service on November 1, 2022, customers have voiced complaints about the magnitude of the bills. After the two businesses negotiated a settlement in 2021, the switchover occurred.

Griffin divided the billing problems into two categories: the Summit billing procedure and the rise in natural gas costs. Both will be covered by two different motions that have been submitted to the PSC, he said.

Griffin claimed that he had regular contact with Kurt Adams, CEO of Summit Utilities, who had cooperated with his office’s inquiry.

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