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Arkansas State Fair sets historic attendance record



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Arkansas State Fair has achieved a significant milestone by setting an unprecedented attendance record, marking it as the most significant fair since its inception 83 years ago. Fair representatives announced yesterday that this year’s fair attracted 559,677 attendees, breaking all previous attendance records in its history.

While the fair was already projected to break records, it set single day attendance records during its 10-day stint in Little Rock, further solidifying its position as the largest fair to date.

General Manager Tiffany Wilkerson provided insights into what made 2023’s fair such a resounding success. “Mother Nature always helps drive the numbers,” Wilkerson remarked, emphasizing the positive impact of favorable weather. Adding to the mix, the fair showcased a variety of new attractions. “We also added new rides, promoted our new food vendors, and many free attractions,” she explained.

Safety was also at the forefront of this year’s event, especially for the younger attendees. “The response to our new youth curfew was tremendous and safety on the fairgrounds was better than ever,” highlighted Wilkerson. This approach appeared to be instrumental in ensuring a secure and family-friendly environment for all fairgoers.

Recent years have proven exceptional for the Arkansas State Fair, with the 2021, 2022, and 2023 events being identified as the three largest in its history.

In addition to its entertainment and attractions, the fair also played a pivotal role in community contribution. Wilkerson shared that The Sale of Champions livestock auction was a significant highlight, raising a commendable sum of over $130,000. These funds are earmarked to support youth 4-H and FFA scholarships, further emphasizing the fair’s commitment to nurturing young talent.

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