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Following acts of vandalism, a transgender resource center in Arkansas was temporarily closed



Arkansas – This week, Intransitive, the only transgender resource center in Arkansas, closed its doors after an alleged destroyed their office, cutting off their water supply.

They did, however, clarify that this is not the first time something like has occurred.

According to the non-profit’s executive director Rumba Yambu, this is almost the eleventh attack in the past year overall and the fifth time their pipes have been tampered with.

“Usually the pipes are just vandalized. It’s just they’re just hidden in specific areas. But this time, they just took everything,” Yambu said, “It keeps happening, cameras [were] stolen before, plants stolen. It always happens whenever we are either out of town for work, or we are holding a big event that is keeping us away from the center.”

Yambu concedes he has never called the police to report an incident.

“There has been the narrative created by representatives that we are dangerous that we are like, all these horrible things… It just doesn’t make us feel safe to then go and ask them for help,” he added.

The center is anticipated to remain closed until Intransitive obtains money for replacing pipes due to the water shut-off.

“The money that we use for supporting people with housing and groceries and medical needs, that’s the only place we can pull money from to fix things that are being vandalized,” said Yambu.

Nevertheless, Yambu clarified that they still intend to reopen as soon as possible.

“We are building this basis because they’re hard to find the space to be able to breathe and feel like you can actually just be human today and not have to be on guard,” he said. “We’re still gonna be here, you know, we’re here. Our light is not dim.”

The facility claimed that although security cameras have been placed around, the video quality is too poor to see what transpired. This is because of budgetary constraints.

On social media, Intransitive AR intends to post the most recent details on the reopening and the location for donations for those who are interested.






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