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Little Rock Compassion Center prepares for winter with call for donations



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Little Rock Compassion Center, a pivotal establishment in the Little Rock community for the past 25 years, is proactively preparing for the forthcoming winter season. They are earnestly appealing to the public for donations of cold-weather clothing to support the city’s homeless and less fortunate.

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William Holloway, the CEO and pastor of the Little Rock Compassion Center, voiced his concerns about the upcoming winter. “We’re getting started a little bit early this year on the cold weather because I really think we might have a bad winter,” he shared. The shelter, established in 1998, has witnessed fluctuating numbers of inhabitants based on the seasons. During the summer, the count hovers around 150 individuals per night. However, as the temperature dips, this number sees a surge, ranging from 200 to 225 people each night.

Bart Caulder, the front desk supervisor of the center, intimately understands the pivotal role the establishment plays in many lives. He remarked, “Hopefully we’re kind of a light, you know, for them. Come here you can get shelter, you can take a shower, you can eat, and if you choose to, you can get in a program and get back on your feet again.” His connection to the center is personal. Both Caulder and his wife sought refuge at the Compassion Center in 2013, subsequently enrolling and graduating from its drug and alcohol program. “We came here because of drugs and alcohol,” Caulder candidly recalled. “We became homeless because of drugs and alcohol… A lady brought us here and ultimately we got into a program, the drug and alcohol program.”

Recent times have witnessed an uptick in the number of new faces at the shelter, with 15 to 20 newcomers each month. William Holloway also highlighted another concerning trend: “Homelessness is increasing. We’re also seeing people coming in from other states now because they say that inflation is so high there they can’t make it, so they’re coming into here.”

The Compassion Center remains open around the clock to assist those in need. “We feel we’re serving the need of our community while we’re doing what God has called us to do,” said Holloway, emphasizing the center’s dedication.

For those interested in contributing to the cause, the shelter is primarily in need of coats, gloves, hats, and socks. More information on donation details can be found on the LRCC’s official website.

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