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Little Rock is offering a 10-week literary course taught by Taylor Swift



Little Rock, Arkansas – Fans of Taylor Swift in Central Arkansas have an unprecedented opportunity to explore the pop star’s world. Beginning in March, there will be a 10-week literary study focused on the renowned singer-songwriter.

“Dear Reader” is the name of the course that will delve into Swift’s discography and the connections between her writing and classic literature.

Bookworms and Swift fans will debate Swift’s lyrics, their backstories, and how they relate to other works that explore related subjects.

Leading the way is Swiftie aficionado Viktoria Capek, who promises the opportunity to meet new people and gain some real insight into Taylor’s lyrics.

“As an adult, it can be really difficult to make friends,” Capek said. “And I’ve actually gotten really excited about the possibility of this class being a place where I find people who I know I share an interest with who I can have intellectual conversations with regarding the content of analyzing literature, and it just seems like a really good place to have community and community is important at the end of the day.”

The course will be offered both in-person and online beginning on March 12. Every Tuesday night, the in-person class will gather at Little Rock’s Venture Center in the downtown area.

Go to the Dear Reader website to learn more and to register.

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