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Pine Bluff nonprofit receives major grant



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – The Woodson Center, a nonpartisan organization based in Washington, D.C., has taken a significant step to support civic and community engagement in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. This support comes in the form of a $15,000 grant awarded to the Pine Bluff Interested Citizens for Voter Registration, Inc. (PBICVR), a member of the Community Affiliate Network (CAN) in Arkansas. The grant is aimed at enhancing various initiatives that improve the well-being and quality of life for residents of Pine Bluff.

PBICVR, a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, has been working tirelessly to uplift the community through various programs. Despite facing financial challenges, the organization has managed to provide crucial services such as free income tax preparation for lower-wealth families. This effort often requires the personal resources of the staff and countless volunteer hours. The grant from the Woodson Center represents a much-needed financial boost for PBICVR, allowing them to continue and expand their impactful work.

One of the key initiatives of PBICVR is the Original KingFest, which promotes a culture of racial respect and appreciation for diversity. This festival is part of PBICVR’s educational outreach, where they teach the Black history of lesser-known African Americans in Pine Bluff schools. They utilize the Woodson Center Lessons/Curriculum, a project that provides scholars with valuable lessons and curricula highlighting the contributions and achievements of African Americans in Pine Bluff and beyond.

Furthermore, the Woodson Center’s support extends to PBICVR’s development of the At-Promise Institute (API), an innovative initiative focused on parenting workshops and wraparound support for young individuals at risk of entering the juvenile justice system. This initiative is a proactive approach to support youth and guide them towards positive pathways.

Another critical aspect of PBICVR’s work supported by the Woodson Center is the Respect for Life Homicide Reduction Campaign. This campaign aims to reduce violence and homicide rates in Pine Bluff. It involves a collaborative effort with law enforcement, faith-based organizations, youth-serving agencies, and community leaders, focusing particularly on reducing violence among African Americans.

Executive Director Rev. Jesse C. Turner highlights the importance of the Woodson Center’s support, stating that the financial synergy provided by the Center and other collaborating agencies is crucial for the continuation of PBICVR’s services. All the services provided by PBICVR to the community are free of charge, making the organization a vital pillar in the development and betterment of Pine Bluff.

In conclusion, the Woodson Center’s grant to PBICVR is a significant endorsement of the organization’s efforts in Pine Bluff. It not only empowers PBICVR to continue its vital work but also strengthens the community by fostering education, crime prevention, and civic engagement. This collaboration exemplifies how support from larger organizations can positively impact local communities, leading to sustainable development and improved quality of life.

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