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Pine Bluff welcomes the grand opening of Hurricane Fitness Park



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – On a bright Sunday afternoon, the resonant sounds of laughter and chatter filled the air around Saint Hurricane Missionary Baptist Church. The occasion was not just a regular church service; it was the grand opening of the new Hurricane Fitness Park in Pine Bluff.

As Senior Pastor Derick Easter led the ribbon-cutting ceremony, he radiated enthusiasm detailing the park’s diverse features. “From a walking track to putt-putt stations, from tic tac toe and golf to introducing disk golf – and even volleyball, soccer, cornhole, and horseshoes – it’s all here,” he proudly announced.

Pastor Easter’s vision for the park was both holistic and aspirational. Beyond promoting physical well-being, he wanted a space that serves as a sanctuary for the spirit. “It’s designed as a beacon of goodwill, love, and light in our community,” he emphasized. He also underscored the park’s role in providing a safe haven amidst the prevalent gun violence in Pine Bluff. By creating such a space, Pastor Easter aims to steer the youth and adults towards positive community engagement.

Lakrisha Goins, a regular at the St. Hurricane Missionary Baptist church, echoed the sentiments of many attendees. For her, the park’s neighborhood-friendly nature stands out. “Parents no longer have to travel across town. Children can now easily access fun activities right here,” she said.

The journey to the park’s realization wasn’t short. Taking about two years and costing an estimated $250,000, the project was no small feat. However, Pastor Easter believes the investment was worthwhile, especially when witnessing the sheer joy and excitement of the community. “Every dime spent becomes worth it when you see such happiness,” he remarked.

The park promises to be a hub of activity with timings from 6:00 a.m. till dusk on weekdays and Saturdays. On Sundays, it will open its doors post the church’s morning service. And for those eager to experience the park’s body-weight outdoor fitness offerings, the recommended age is 13 and above.

As Pine Bluff welcomes this new addition, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation. As Goins aptly puts it, “It’s just exciting. Everyone should come out and witness it for themselves.”

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