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THC vape deal leads to attempted murder charges in Rogers



Rogers, Arkansas – Two men in Rogers were arrested after allegedly chasing and shooting at a group of teenagers. This incident, which began as a meetup arranged via Snapchat, quickly escalated into a life-threatening situation.

The ordeal started when four teenagers, aged between 16 and 17, drove to the Kum & Go gas station on New Hope Road. Their purpose was to meet someone one of them had connected with on Snapchat, intending to purchase THC vape cartridges. However, this seemingly straightforward meetup took a dangerous turn when Nethanel Obed Morales and Jordan Joan Rascon-Montanez, both 19, arrived in an SUV.

As two of the teens approached the SUV to make the transaction, one of them grabbed a bag of THC cartridges. This action prompted a swift and violent reaction from Morales and Rascon-Montanez. The teens quickly returned to their pickup truck and fled the scene, but Morales and Rascon-Montanez pursued them down Dixieland Road, reportedly firing a handgun at the fleeing vehicle.

The pursuit reached a climax when the pickup truck, finding itself at a dead end near a fire station, had to turn around. The SUV, which had been lying in wait, became the site of further aggression as Rascon-Montanez leaned out of the window and fired multiple shots at the teenagers, striking one in the arm.

The injured teens called 911, and were instructed to stop in the Promenade Blvd. area for assistance. They drove to Firehouse Subs on Promenade Blvd, where emergency responders treated the wounded teen. A bullet fragment had penetrated his arm and lodged near his torso, narrowly missing his lungs.

Investigators took swift action, reviewing surveillance footage, examining the teens’ Snapchat messages, conducting photo lineups, and searching the suspects’ homes. This thorough investigation led to the discovery of THC cartridges and ammunition that matched the evidence from the chase scene.

Morales and Rascon-Montanez are now facing severe legal consequences, with four charges of attempted capital murder among other charges. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of online meetups and the unpredictable nature of such encounters.

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