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This is how to turn your Tesla Model 3 into cryptocurrency mining tool



Some Tesla drivers have discovered a new way to use it, namely to pay off some of the money invested in the Model 3.

This is something completely different from the usual activities of Tesla drivers, as this new trick gives owners access to cryptocurrencies.

The owner of the Model 3 from 2018, Siraj Rival, explained how Tesla can be used for excavation of ethereum and polygons, writes CNBC. But hacking Tesla this way does not come without risks.

Raval uses a variety of cryptocurrency mining devices, including the Apple Mac Mini M1. It also uses its Tesla Model 3 to mine these cryptocurrencies.

He explained that he connected several graphics cards through the front trunk of his electric vehicle, which allowed him to use those graphics cards and cryptocurrency miners using a Tesla battery.

Another technique he uses is to bypass Tesla’s built-in processor. To do this, he used JavaScript to set up a computer processor on an electric vehicle.

It is now much faster and more energy efficient, says Raval.

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